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How to Write a Resume with AI in 2024

How can we leverage AI to create resumes quickly, simply, and more efficiently in 2024? I've put together a little guide on how you can use Gemini or ChatGPT to help craft your resume.

This article contains 2 major parts with the usage of AI:

  1. the structure of your prompts

  2. the specific prompts you can use

Plus, if you would like a bit more guidance, I'll be hosting some hands-on sessions on YouTube Live.

Hope it is helpful :)

The overall flow:

Step 1: Think

First, ask yourself some key questions:

What role are you applying for? What skills are they looking for? What do you want people to notice first about you? What transferable skills do you have that are relevant to this opportunity? The answers to these questions will guide your resume layout.


Then, think about your impact:

You can analyze your impact in the following aspects:

  • Metrics: Quantify your achievements. For example, if you improved latency, specify the percentage improvement.

  • User Impact: Indicate how many users benefited from your work.

  • Audience Reach: Mention the number of people affected by your work or how many were considered as a result of your actions.


Also think about:

What major achievements or contributions have you made?

It's crucial to mention whether you've initiated a project, launched a unique feature, or enhanced an existing process or product.


Step 2: Ask AI with Structure

( Reserve your spot here.

Will provide step by step guidance on my youtube live May 19th 8:30am PST)

Ask AI:

Provide the context
  • This is the role i am looking for: [insert the job requirement]

Tell AI about yourself
  • I want people to notice this about me […]

  • This is transferable skills that is relevant to this opportunity [..] [insert what is your impact]

Tell AI about output
  • generate a description about my experience when im working at XX

Tell AI about how to write output
  • please use Numbers & Data

  • Consider Writing in Past Tense

  • Use Powerful words

  • use bullet points


Step 3: Revise With AI

Ask AI:

  • rewrite my summary paragraph as three key bullets

  • rewrite bullet points to be concise

  • summarize my experience [insert current bullets] into 2-3 concise bullets that showcase my ability to [x]



Use Numbers & Data

Always try to quantify your accomplishments with solid data. Metrics are a great way to show the real difference you made in a project or role.

Consider Writing in Past Tense

Think about narrating your achievements in the past tense. Just remember, stick to the same tense throughout your whole resume.

Make sure to kick off each job description or accomplishment with a strong, impactful verb.


With the right questions and clever use of AI, you can whip up a resume that's a total game-changer and secures that dream job.



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