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AI Prompt To Write Resume


  • Write a resume from scratch

"Write a resume for [title] at [company], [x] years of experience, 3-5 bullets per role and include 10 key job description keywords

Experience [upload file].

<Copy/paste job description>"

  • Emphasize impact

Can you rewrite my experience to emphasize the impact I made, using the following structure?

Product Success Impact: Describe the overall impact of the project or product success.

How did you achieve it: Explain the steps you took to achieve this success.

What tools did you use: List the tools and technologies you used.

Metrics: Quantify your achievements. For example, if you improved latency, specify the percentage improvement.

User Impact: Indicate how many users benefited from your work.

Audience Reach: Mention the number of people affected by your work or how many users were impacted as a result of your actions.

Please use only the information I have provided without making up any data. 

Tell me what I missing from my experience to write the impact.

  • Concise

rewrite the job description to 3 bullet point format, make it concise

  • Check if the Resume matches the Job Description

Review if my resume/skills and the job description for the [Title] position at [Company] match. Tell mismatch percentage.

Job description: [paste text/link]

My resume:  [upload file]"

  • Revise

Rewrite my summary paragraph as three key bullets

  • Revise

Summarize my experience [insert current bullets] into 2-3 concise bullets that showcase my ability to [x]




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